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The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki is an online community dedicated to building a comprehensive and collaborative encyclopedia that thoroughly documents all the material within the Monster Girl Encyclopedia (MGE) franchise, a compendium of knowledge concerning monster girls created by Japanese artist Kenkou Cross. The wiki can be edited by anyone, and we are always looking for new volunteers to help build our database and grow our community of editors and fans of the series.


Originally housed on the Wikia network, the MGE wikia was founded in March of 2012, by the now retired User:Holstarus. After months of inactivity, the first set of profiles were added by User:Mnzombie who continued to work alone on the site until every then released monster was available for viewing. Shortly before Kenkou's issuance of a "cease and desist letter" to the monster girl fansite Monster Girls Unlimited, a number of users had undertaken efforts to move all available lore information onto the new Wikia. The Wikia site continued to grow in quantity and depth over years of hard work, establishing itself as the largest database of MGE information on the web.

Efforts to expand the collective of information on the MGE franchise continue today, now housed on this independent, MediaWiki platform instead of the previous Wikia platform.

Useful information

  • The MGE Wiki is an independently run MediaWiki instance; operated on the same set of software that powers Wikipedia. The use of MediaWiki software on an independently rented server space allows us greater, technical behind-the-scenes control not previously afforded by the Wikia network.
  • The overwhelming majority of our articles can be edited by anyone whether they register an account or not. However, we encourage editors to create a free account on the MGE wiki. Accounts provide many benefits, including IP address anonymity, the ability to upload (nearly) unlimited quantities of gallery art, and the potential to become engaged in the wiki community and attain special rights and privileges.
  • The MGE Wiki has a collection of Rules which govern behavior and content on the wiki. In addition, we have several Standards and Practices and that are useful as resources to all aspiring editors.
  • The MGE Wiki, at, has an official language of English. Any new contributions or edits to the wiki should be done using the English language.
  • The MGE Wiki has contributors from all around the world, in many different time zones. As a result, all times and dates on the wiki (unless otherwise stated) are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC); UTC is typically the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


All staff members attending to the MGE Wiki are volunteers who have offered their time and effort to the site in order to provide users a better experience across the board. The largest staff group, the content moderators, are responsible for the majority of content management and upkeep. If the need for new staff members arises, recruitment drives will be run with advanced public notice given so that those interested in a position may apply.

Contact a staff member

You can contact our administrators individually on their talk pages. Click the link to see a list of our administrators. You can also look for an administrator on the Discord server.

If you hold the copyright to an image or file and have not given the MGE Wiki permission to use the file, please see our General Disclaimer, "DMCA Policy", section.

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