Devil Bug

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Devil Bug (デビルバグ)
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Monster Information
Family Devil Bug
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Habitat Indoors, caves
Disposition Simple, lustful
Diet Anything edible
Meta Information
Release Date n/a
Source - Devil Bug

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Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A bug type monster that has existed since ancient times, they are also known as “akuma no mushi”. They form swarms and prefer living in dark, damp places such as caves and the like, but other than that, they also often settle down in human dwellings under the floor, in the attic, in storehouses, and so on.

They aren't supposed to be much different in size than human girls, yet they're even able to invade small homes where there shouldn't be any place they can hide without the residents being aware of it. It's said that before you know it, they'll be living there. While they can use language, their intellect is feeble, and their sense of reason is practically non-existent. They are driven by instincts such as hunger and lust, and their minds are preoccupied with thoughts of feeding and copulating with human men. They are constantly in a state of arousal, seeking a human man to serve as a reproductive partner, and their hotly flushing body drips with gleaming love juice. They have high physical abilities and crawl around the ground extremely quickly. Especially when they spot a human man, they're so speedy that by the time the man discovers their presence he will already be mounted by them.

Additionally, they have powerful vitality such that the urge to reproduce never subsides no matter what, and once they mount a man they have endless stamina enabling them to continue copulation without ever tiring. Since they act without suppressing their urges through reason, devil bugs that haven't obtained a man will indulge in masturbation at any chance they can get, and it's said they'll entwine bodies together with their own kind, and spend time having sex with each other until they're all covered in love juice.

They acutely sense the odor and spirit energy of human men by shaking their feelers, and they will swiftly pin a man down as soon as they spot him, intent on mating as soon as possible. As for their swarms, it is said that if there's one, there must be thirty in the same dwelling. If an individual who has captured a man begins copulation, a large number of devil bugs will pick up the scent and scramble to gather around the man. The devil bugs, maximally aroused from the presence of a man, will copulate with him one after another, and he will even be swarmed by those which were left out and are waiting for a turn; they'll crawl their tongues along the man's body, licking all over it, rub their own bodies against his, and try to get entangled. As their husband, a man who is swarmed will have difficulty slipping away from there, and he'll end up living covered in their love juices and bodies.

Additionally, even among harem forming monsters, devil bugs stand out as particularly having a weak awareness of the father-daughter relationship. Once children have grown a certain amount, they'll start to see their own father as a male. ln obedience to their bodies which hotly burn with desire for a male, they'll attack with no regard whatsoever for the fact it is their own father.

Furthermore, aside from human spirit energy, they also come around after sensitively picking up odors of sweat, filth, etc., so the filthier the home's environment, the easier it will be for them to settle down. If you do not wish to be attacked by them, you’d better keep your body and room clean.

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