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Harpy (ハーピー)
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Monster Information
Family Harpy
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Habitat Grasslands, mountainous areas
Disposition Cheerful
Diet Omnivorous: fruits and wild animals, etc.
Meta Information
Release Date August 8, 2007 (Art updated: May 12, 2017)
Source kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Harpy

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A race of birdmen who appear like women with large bird-like wings. Of the many varieties of harpy family monsters, this typical race is considered to be the most numerous, and they are widely distributed throughout various regions. Their bodies have become small and light for flying, and they can spread their large wings and fly freely about the sky. While their upper half is slender and dainty, their lower half is tough and powerful, so by using their legs it's possible for them to fly unhindered even while carrying a human man with a nice physique.

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They're extremely ferocious during mating season. They suddenly swoop down from the sky in order to feast on their beloved prey with their bodies.

These bright and cheerful girls are friendly and love to chat. If there are humans passing through a mountain trail, they’ll aggressively strike up a conversation, often times treating people with kindness, occasionally helping out by guiding them through the trail, or carrying luggage. ln monster friendly states that have progressive relations with monsters, harpies have been integrated into human economy and society, and they even run transportation businesses providing aerial transport for people and packages.

In this way, they are not ferocious monsters, and despite their aggressive efforts to converse and interact with human men, they normally rarely ever swoop down and attack with sexual intentions, but unfortunately, when they enter their breeding season, it's another story. During breeding season, they are dominated by the urge to become pregnant with a male's offspring and turn into typical monsters who assault human men. Normally, they're blabbermouths who can be loud and annoying sometimes, but when in heat, their tone of voice is different. It becomes beautifully enchanting, as if they were singing. Additionally, they start giving men sharp looks, almost like a raptor sizing up prey.

When they spot a human man who will serve as a mate, they suddenly swoop from the sky and seize him with their legs, and then fly off, taking him away to their nest. The more they interact normally with a man, the more they'll grow fond of him, which often leads to the man being recognized as their mate and thus increases his likelihood of being attacked when breeding season arrives.

Given their powerful lower bodies, even if a man struggles violently mid-flight, they can maintain their firm grasp without letting go. Also, if they straddle a man, they can continuously shake their hips without knowing fatigue. Their nests are fundamentally located in high places, so since their power is required to come and go, it is difficult for a man to manage to escape on his own, and men who have been captured will have no choice but to live with them in their nest, copulating until their breeding season is over.

Once breeding season is over, they go back to being their original bright and friendly selves, but their voice and the expression in their eyes change so that they seem to behave in a fawning manner towards the male they are coupled with.


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