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Imp (インプ)
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Monster Information
Family Imp
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Habitat Demon Realm
Disposition Simple-Minded, selfish
Diet Men's Spirit Energy
Meta Information
Release Date December 24, 2007 (First known draft: September 7, 2007)
Source - Imp

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A minor demon native to the demon realm. In recent times they have adopted the lifestyle of the succubi, feeding on the spirit energy of human men, due to the Demon Lord's influence. They are like children on both the outside and the inside, but despite that, they are extremely lustful. Since they are so childish and simple, they are very direct with their emotions and desires and they aggressively assault human men in pursuit of pleasure. They mostly act in groups and upon spotting a human man, they will swarm over him in a scramble to be the first to copulate. The man will helplessly have the spirit energy squeezed out of him.

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Even though they're small, they're splendid succubi (*inma) in both mind and body. They beg obscenely, mount their men, and shake their hips vigorously enough to not be outdone by a succubus.

Since they are minor demons and their personalities are so simple, they are comparatively easier to deal with, and from ancient times they have often been used as familiars by sorcerers and witches. In the case of male sorcerers, forming a contract and employing an imp by periodically offering the spirit energy they feed on is a simple affair.

However, if they are given too much spirit energy, their demonic energy will rapidly grow powerful and the power of the contract will fade. As this progresses they will become less and less inclined towards doing as they are told. Eventually, the relationship between master and minion will be reversed. The imp will become the mistress, and the man will end up as a familiar. A man had ended up as a familiar will be unable to oppose an imp seeking his affection. He'll give in to her obscene begging and have sex with her, continuously providing his mistress with spirit energy.

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Monsters are insatiably hungry for semen. Even if they swell their womb up with it, stuff their cheeks full of it, and have their entire body covered in it, they'll still be dying for more of your semen.:TL Note:*The succubus species is サキュバスsakyubasu from the English word 'succubus', but 淫魔 inma which is a Japanese term for succubus seems to be used as a collective term for both succubi and other demons.

An individual imp is not very strong, normally, but sometimes there are those referred to as "arch imps" which possess immense magical power. Just like imps, they look and think like children, but they possess an abnormal amount of lust and power. They are dangerous beings endowed with charm spells and techniques for pleasuring men that are even greater than those of the succubi. If men who end up as their familiar continually provide them with spirit energy, eventually they will change into these arch imps, and then things will get even more out of hand.


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