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Monster Girl Encyclopedia II
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Book Information
Release Date

JP: August 14, 2016 (Comiket 90)[1]

WW: September 26, 2017
Circle Kurobinega
Artist Kenkou Cross[1]
Writer Kenkou Cross[1]
Pages 236[1]
Canon Yes, primary universe.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia II (魔物娘図鑑Ⅱ) is the second encyclopedia book of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series by Kenkou Cross, and was released in Japan on August 14, 2016. The English version was released worldwide on September 26, 2017. The book was announced via a post on Kenkou's twitter account.[2]

The hundred monster girls whose profiles appear in this book are, in order: Demon, Devil, Kobold, Troll, Liliraune, Barometz, Tentacle, Soldier Beetle, Mothman, Titania, Lava Golem, Hellhound, Chimaera, Manticore, Basilisk, Thunderbird, Griffon, Sandworm, Pharaoh, Apophis, Khepri, Vamp Mosquito, Mucus Toad, Cancer, Flow Kelp, Kraken, Yeti, Selkie, White Horn, Glacies, Ice Queen, Kikimora, Dark Mage, Arch Imp, Familiar, Bicorn, Gazer, Parasite Slime / Slime Carrier, Satyros, Gandharva, Apsara, Houri, Cupid, Valkyrie, Dark Valkyrie, Dhampir, Lich, Wight, Will-o-the-Wisp, Living Doll, Cursed Sword, Living Armor, Cheshire Cat, March Hare, Mad Hatter, Dormouse, Jubjub, Humpty Egg, Trumpart, Jabberwock, Cait Sith, Cu Sith, Wurm, Wyvern, Dragon Zombie, Automaton, Gremlin, Mindflayer, Wendigo, Shoggoth, Atlach-Nacha, Jinko, Kakuen, Ren Xiongmao, Hinezumi, Hakutaku, Jiangshi, Ryu, Shirohebi, Nekomata, Raiju, Kamaitachi, Kitsune-bi, Kitsune-tsuki, Gyoubu Danuki, Kunoichi, Akaname, Kejourou, Blue Oni, Ushi-Oni, Oomukade, Nureonago, Chochin-Obake, Karakasa-Obake, Ittan-momen, Ochimusha, Unagi Joro, Umi Osho, Otohime, and Nurarihyon.

Table of Contents

Preface (p. 3 - p. 6)
Treatise: Basic Features of Monsters (p. 7 - p. 9)

  1. Monsters (MGE 1, p. 7)
  2. Essence (MGE 1, p. 16)
  3. Monster Mana (MGE 1, p. 16)
  4. Monsterization (MGE 1, p. 14)
  5. Incubi (MGE 1, p. 15)

Treatise: The Overlord's Army and the Extremists (p. 14 - p. 15)

  1. The Overlord
  2. The Overlord's Army
  3. The Extremists

Treatise: The Realm of Fire (p. 32 - p. 33)

  1. Monsters Wreathed in Fire
  2. People Close to Fire

Treatise: The Lost Kingdoms of the Desert (p. 56 - p. 57)

  1. The Distant Kingdoms
  2. The Fateful Battle
  3. The Resurgent Kingdoms

Treatise: The Realm of Ice (p. 78 - p. 79)

  1. Monsters That Melt Ice
  2. People Huddling in Snow
  3. The Palace of Ice

Treatise: The God of Wine (p. 96 - p. 97)

  1. Bacchus, God of Wine
  2. Tenets
  3. The Blessings of Believers

Treatise: The Goddess of Love (p. 106 - p. 107)

  1. Eros, Goddess of Love
  2. Tenets
  3. The Blessings of the Believers

Treatise: The Noble Capital of the Undying (p. 118 - p. 119)

  1. The Kingdoms of the Undead
  2. Undead and Incubi
  3. Hel, Goddess of Life and Death

Treatise: The Wondrous Land of Wonderland (p. 128 - p. 129)

  1. Wonderland
  2. The Tea Parties
  3. The Alices
  4. The Queen of Hearts

Treatise: The Kingdom Ruled by Cats, for Cats (p. 148 - p. 149)

  1. The Kingdom of Cats
  2. The Law of the Cats
  3. Bastet, Goddess of Cats

Treatise: The Continent Enshrouded in Mist (p. 182 - p. 183)

  1. One Vast Continent
  2. Three Nations

Treatise: The Ethereal Land of Zipangu (p. 206 - p. 207)

  1. Zipangu, Land of Sun
  2. The Harmony of Humans and Yokai
  3. Zipangu, a Land of Seduction

Treatise: The Exotic Hospitality of Ryugujo (p. 230 - p. 231)

  1. An Invitation
  2. The Attractions and Residents
  3. The Shrine of the Goddess of the Sea

Afterword (p. 235)


The second volume features profiles for 100 new monster girls and is printed in full color.[3]



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