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English Name (Katakana Name)
Monster Information
Family ...
Type ...
Habitat ..., ..., ...
Disposition ..., ..., ...
Diet ..., ...
Meta Information
Release Date n/a
Source - ... (This should link to the page. If no page is available, link to the image.)

Encyclopedia Entry

The actual text taken directly from our current revision encyclopedia entry. All text should be a direct quote and not modified in any form or fashion. If you feel there is a modification worth making, contact a staff member.

Kenkou's Notes

Extra information about this monster girl from Kenkou Cross in English. Information posted on his website should be included here. On the old Wiki it was standard practice to include the extra info/note boxes on all pages regardless but you should only be using it when neccesary here. Citations required.[citation needed]
TL Note: Supplementary note/info from the translator (MGR in our case). Citations required.[citation needed]

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