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Satyros (サテュロス)
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Monster Information
Family Satyros
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Habitat Forest, grasslands
Disposition Cheerful, lustful
Diet Omnivorous: prefers wine and foods that go with it
Meta Information
Release Date January 11, 2016
Source - Satyros

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A kind of beastmen that worship the god of alcohol, “Bacchus", and have the characteristics of goats. They are playgirls with uninhibited and hedonistic personalities who love music and alcohol. They spend their days playing the flute while drinking wine according to the teachings of Bacchus which state “a person's rightful and true form is for certain a state of alcoholic intoxication with everything laid bare.” They are sociable and friendly towards humans, and if they happen to spot a human they'll invite that person to drink with them repeatedly. But, as a matter of fact, they are also extremely lustful and amorous monsters. They basically view humans in a sexual manner, and their aim is to get men they like drunk and have sex with them.

Having received the blessing of the god of alcohol, the sound of their flute has the power to induce a spellbindingly pleasant intoxication, as if drunk with a fine wine, in those who listen to its melody. After being compelled to have a drink, any person, no matter how heavy a drinker he may be, will fall into a state of pleasant drunkenness if they then play their flute. Being seductresses skilled in the art of conversation, they will smoothly whisper sweet words, and with a kiss with the fragrance and taste of wine, a man will be charmed. His heart will be intoxicated by them and he will be seduced into having sex. Like a virgin who has fallen in love, a man will be intoxicated by them as they whisper of love with the sound of their flute, and he will then be embraced by them while in a dream-like trance.

Sex with them is like being gently guided, yet it is accompanied by pleasure sweet enough that it feels as if it would melt one's body away. After spending such an unforgettable night, a man won't sober up from alcoholic intoxication, nor will he sober up from being intoxicated by them. Most men will then end up becoming the satyros‘ beloved spouse, and spend their days living in hedonism, indulging in wine and the satyros' body.

Additionally, they sometimes also get involved with human women. As in the case of men, they get women pleasantly drunk with alcohol, the sound of their flute, and their sweet words, and seduce them into having sex. Without exception women who fall into their hands are instilled with a taste for sex and alcohol. No matter how proper the lady, the uninhibited desire for sex and pleasure hidden within will be made to blossom. Women who come to know the numbing pleasure of sex and alcohol will usually then become followers of Bacchus, and some among them will also receive the blessing of Bacchus and transform into “satyros”. It is said they will end up indulging in alcohol and their partner, living uninhibitedly.

Satyros don't just drink, they also devote themselves to the development of superior wines. The “Satyros wine" that they make is one of the most high quality wines; like the sound of their flute, it doesn't ever cause a hangover, and it always brings about a pleasant intoxication. Also, it is said that if a man and woman with feelings for one another drink it together, their affection and lust for one another cannot remain hidden and will become exposed. Then they’ll definitely cross the line and become joined, so this wine is also highly popular with monsters.

Kenkou's Notes[edit]

This time's monster girl is "Satyros". They're goat beastmen that worship the god of alcohol, “Bacchus”. They're not playboys, but playgirls(?) that love alcohol, music, and men more than anything, and when they spot a man that strikes their fancy, they'll seduce him, but they also sometimes go after women too, so it seems they're quite the problem children.[1]

Extra Info[edit]

===「The God of Alcohol, “Bacchus”」===

A mid-rank deity that governs alcohol and drunkenness. Her standpoint is neutral. She is warm and sociable, but she is also purported to have a large-hearted and lenient personality, not fussing over details. Perhaps because of that, the doctrine and rules of churches that worship Bacchus are also lenient and characterized by a general atmosphere of freedom. As the god who loves alcohol more than anything, she exhorts that people should color their life with enjoyment and form bonds of friendship by drinking. In her churches, drinking parties are periodically held where her adherents come together with outsiders. Deeds of charity such as providing food and alcohol for those who are starving are also actively performed.

The blessing that Bacchus bestows upon her followers empowers the effects of alcohol, and also goes beyond the bounds of race and nationality, ensuring that negotiations and friendships with others will succeed. She is widely worshiped by people with a variety of professions, such as ambassadors, merchants, brewers, and simply those who like drinking, and she also has many adherents among races such as humans, dwarves, goblins, etc. She is a god that is friendly towards monsters, and she also approves of using the power of alcohol for the sexual conquest of the opposite sex.

Her blessing makes the drunken revelry and intoxication of men more pleasant and enjoyable, and it also makes having sex with men afterward more thrilling too, so she also has many adherents among the monsters. On the other hand, using alcohol to incapacitate a person and rob or rape them while unconscious is forbidden as an abuse of alcohol. Although she does have many followers among the monsters, her religion is not treated as heretical, and it is an accepted religion even in lands under the Order's forces.[1]

TL Note: It doesn't say anything about the god's gender, as pronouns are not used to refer to it in the original text, but I'm going to assume she is female like all the other gods so far and use female pronouns for the translation.[1]


  • This Monster is based upon the Satyrs from Greek Mythology. Satyrs are carefree half-human, half-goat creatures that are strongly associated with music, nature, and wine. They are very lustful and frequent followers of Dionysus, the god of wine.

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