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Shoggoth (ショゴス)
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Monster Information
Family Slime
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Habitat Caves, underground, human settlements
Disposition Devoted, lustful
Diet Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc.
Meta Information
Release Date July 29, 2015
Source - Shoggoth

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A slimy monster that has an amorphous body. Long, long ago they were created by the demons of chaos as a race of servants, but it is purported that they fled from their former mistresses upon gaining intelligence and emotions with the ascension of the current Demon Lord.

They have submissive, quiet personalities, and they do not attack humans. Even as of the present, it is said that in pursuit of a new master, they will appear before men who strike their fancy, or anyone who desires to employ them, and serve them devotedly.

They can create any kind of organ by morphing the cells of their body. They can also prepare any necessary tools with their own body, so their body itself is more than enough to sufficiently take care of all their master's needs. They prioritize the living comfort of their masters above all else, and the way they quietly serve makes them truly ideal servants. They even give off a vibe of purity, which is unmonsterlike.

In actuality, their whole amorphous body is an erogenous zone, and the organs they touch their master with are particularly concentrated with erotic sensations. When they wipe their master's body with a towel, at the same time it is also like caressing them using their own body. When they carry a spoonful of food to their master's lips, it is also like a sloppy deep kiss. To them, service is the equivalent of sex, and serving their beloved man is more than just mentally satisfying; the more they serve, the greater the gratification from bodily pleasure.

Despite enduring such pleasure, their work is not disrupted, and they will continue to quietly and calmly serve their master, but a glimmer of ecstasy that is like madness can definitely be glimpsed deep within their eyes. As for their madness, they wish to live as if they were one with their master by constantly serving him with their body.

They mostly obey their master's commands, but if he should refuse their service, they would not have any of it. They also do not like for him to use any already existing items, and ultimately, they will even try to get their master to use such things as a bed or chair made from their own body.

A physical change will occur among those who continue to receive their service. There is not any apparent change in appearance, but, for example, if cut with a sword, it will pass through their body without damaging them; as if they had become a slime. When being served with the shoggoth's body, at the place where one has been touched, it will feel like one's body is melding together with the shoggoth's body, resulting in an experience of pleasure similar to sexual pleasure.

Once a man has experienced this pleasure, he will start to constantly desire their service. The master himself will probably be the one to desire sex, which will involve melding together even more deeply. When having sex with them, it is like one another's genitalia melt together and becomes vague, and so much pleasure is induced that it becomes uncertain which of them is moving or which sensations belong to which person. Through sexual intercourse their master will touch upon their madness, and like them, will desire for the two of them to become one. In this way they will spend their lives having sex by melding together.

It is purported that the ecology of constantly desiring to become one with their man may be an incomplete imitation of the way that their creators, the demons of chaos, have sex with their husbands. Furthermore, it is said that the reason they fled from their mistresses is probably not because they were unsatisfied with their employment, but because they become envious from seeing the demons of chaos become one with their husbands and wished to acquire husbands of their own.

Kenkou's Notes[edit]

This time's monster girl is the slimy service creature, “shoggoth”-san. A rival of kikimora has appeared! And so, just as it looks, she is a maid-san. They rebelled against their creators and turned wild, but in the encyclopedia world, it seems they are extremely proficient maid-san that will serve loyally. However, since they have the same origin as the other 2 most recent races, there's definitely more to it than just that.....[1]
TL Note: It is somewhat ambiguous, but most likely they do not usually simply end up doing nothing but having sex (assuming the general rules of the setting apply to them). It's likely similar to saying someone is "spending their life writing poetry" or "studying biology." It's simply what they devote a lot of time and attention to.[1]

Extra Info[edit]

Comment: Nice work. In the course of being served by shoggoth, it seems that one would fall under her control while unaware of it.

Response: Thank you! It would be very comfortable for the man himself, but it would all be on their hands, or rather, on their body w

Question: Asking if the man's new slime qualities (pleasure from touch, body mixing and such) work during sex with other monster girls. Answer: Thank you. If it's a type of slime, then yes~

Comment: Nice work! It's lovely that there's a heart in the middle...! Response: Thank you! It's in the position of their womb!

Question: Asking how shoggoths handle fire. Answer: Thank you! The main body is not so good with fire, but it seems it's okay for parts and tools like a “frying pan” that are deliberately made to be exposed to fire.

Question: Asking how long the objects they make from their bodies last. Answer: They can even make a bed, so they can last for quite some time. However, for the most part, it appears that once they're done using things, they absorb them back into their body, and it seems they hate for anyone other than their husband to use them. Besides, it seems it doesn't even feel good either. Like, in the case of a sofa or something, it seems they would make it for their husband, but would use goods from the market for guests~ [1]


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